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By making a purchase you are helping to fund the special care families need to make it through a blood cancer diagnosis and help further the search for a cure.

A third of your purchase goes directly to the Leukaemia Foundation.
Leukaemia Foundation
As the only national organisation representing the needs of all Australian's living with any blood cancer, the Leukaemia Foundation has chosen to take the lead in the fight against blood cancer.

Standing together with Australia, our purpose is to help cure and conquer every blood cancer – with care.
Blood cancer in Australia
Blood cancer is one of the most common, costly and fatal cancers in Australia. There are no screening programs available for blood cancers, and there is no way to prevent blood cancer through lifestyle changes.
Every day, 47 Australian men, women and children will learn they have blood cancer, and sadly 15 people will lose their life to the disease each day.

These are staggering numbers, and while Australians continue to be diagnosed or lose their life to blood cancer, the Leukaemia Foundation will not stop. With our supporters, we're fired up and know it's time for even greater action.
We concentrate our time, talents and resources across three areas: working to help people understand their blood cancer; get the best treatments for them; and, receive the care they need.

Our generous supporters will help give every Australian with blood cancer access to the right information; the most effective treatments, the latest trials, tests and diagnostic tools; and the best supportive care to help people not just to survive - but also to live well.